Connect with others

Social media

The 1277 Facebook group is a dynamic, interactive way members can share ideas, ask questions, have discussions and mutually encourage one another. It’s easy to join and is a great way of keeping in touch.

The hashtag #1277counts is used on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Prayer Networks

Are you thinking of connecting with other toddler group leaders in your community through prayer? This leaflet will help you in starting out and gives some great ideas and resources on praying for each other, your toddler groups and your communities.

Prayer Network leaflet

Linking with toddler groups near you  …

  • Check out the listing on your local authority Children and Family Information Service page
  • Local Facebook groups
  • HOOP app

Conferences and Training Events

A variety of conferences and training events take place across the UK throughout the year. These are a great way to learn new things, meet others and share ideas. They happen on a local, regional and national level.

See the events calendar

If you’d like to know more about how to organise a training event in your area, click here

A team of toddler group leaders at the Playtime Conference in Feltham, Sept 2018