Snack time! What do you provide? We traditionally have done just biscuits but today I did cake for the Mums to bless them. Some of the toddlers got upset that they couldn’t have the pretty cakes! So it caused upset amongst some of the parents! 😞 Not the effect I was wanting! What do you do?

Toast and fruit x.
We do biscuits and rice cakes from Aldi – the ones in the baby section apple ones and raspberry ones. We have a big group so would be impractical for anything more.
We usually have biscuits but sometimes there’s cake left from Sunday so we have that. But we make sure it’s suitable for toddlers too. Don’t blame them for kicking up a fuss!!!! 😊
Plain biscuits and water for children, chocolate biscuits for adults! We do sit down round tables snack with share plates. 8 kids and 3 plates to a table. Cheese, raisins, bread sticks, cereal, cheese crackers, grapes & sliced apple.
We do biscuits, bread sticks, raisins for the children and nice homemade cakes for the adults, which they really appreciate. If they want to share their cake with their children that’s fine, but we don’t offer it to the children.
Biscuits. Or if it’s a teddy week or something we might have pom bears                                                                                               We have homemade cake for the adults and fruit and a biscuit for the children xxx
Why not do cake that wouldn’t appeal to the children – fruit cake is yummy for adults but isn’t colourful & exciting to children. We have biscuits for the adults mainly but if a child asks they can have one, toast for everyone throughout the morning then fruit & milk/water at snack time for the children sitting at the table.
I have been baking a malted choc fruit cake which adults enjoyed – just on a shelf out of eye level of toddlers!
As a parent going to toddler groups, there is nothing more annoying than having to tell my child the lovely looking food isn’t for them, they can only have the plain ones! We offer cakes (we get Swiss role cos it’s cheap!), sometimes biscuits as well as mini cheesy biscuits and sometimes raisins and let the parents decide what they will give their child. X
It is always up to the parent or adult – we don’t set rules! If the adults see a cake out of sight of children they do sneak a bit while the children are eating the fruit and “healthy ” snacks. But also when I slice a melon anyone can enjoy a melon slice instead of a biscuit. I love the idea of Swiss roll & mini Cheddars. We just have biscuits! But we do turn the more exciting ones upside down so it’s a lovely surprise if suddenly you have a jammy dodger or chocolate digestive in your hand instead of a plain one 😄
We offer breadsticks, crackers, plain biscuits, fruit, raisins and cakes. Parents choose what their children have.                                We do plain biscuits and a selection of fruit for the kids and squash or water. Then hot drinks for the adults and either chocolate biscuits or cakes for the adults. Always done it that way- exhausted breastfeeding mothers need cake! Lol
**this was my desire – to make sure bf mums had food with lots of calories in as they need it. Especially the mum breastfeeding twins we had today.
Wow we go all in – Fruit, carrots, rice crackers, teddy Crisps, raisins etc                                                                                   Individually wrapped Pain au chocolat and grapes. We have biscuits available as well if they’re asked for but usually they’re not.      We have a bowl of fruit for the children and a baking rota so that everyone gets home made cake each week.
Rich tea, bananas, apples, Pom bears, raisins. Biscuits on offer to parents before snack time, sometimes there is cake left from messy church the night before. If parents choose to give to the children, that is their decision.
We have a generous God so I try to be generous in variety of snacks and biscuits but strawberries are better in the summer!
Tea & coffee always available for grown ups & biscuit and juice/water for little ones after singing time                                                 As a mum who has been to many different play groups I really appreciate those that do healthy snacks. Sugary biscuits are a pain tbh. Having said that, cake as an adult treat is lovely. But I also run a group and know that fruit etc is extra work!                              We have the healthy snacks in the kids’ eyeline and then have cakes through the hatch, but make it clear that adults are welcome to get cake for their child, it’s just so that the children don’t see them and want them if their parent doesn’t want them to have them
We have biscuits and two varieties of fruits/vegetables that go out onto the children’s tables at snack time. Chocolate biscuits, or occasionally pastries or cake are served at the hatch with the tea and coffee after the children’s snack time; it’s entirely up to the parents/carers if they let their child have some of the grown-up snacks.                                                                                            Cakes for adults. We ask parents to sign up to bring and free admission when they do. Cheesy biscuits carrot cubed cheese & rice cakes available for children
Grapes and bananas, cheese and bread sticks xxx
We have a selection of fruit, some crisps, some baby snacks for the tiny ones and some biscuits. Chinese New year week we had spring rolls and prawn crackers, plums, banana and mangetout. It went down really well                                                                 Small fromage frais, introduced to encourage parents to encourage children to sit down and fruit. Occasionally treats.

We do a simple lunch… hugely popular x (Would love to do lunch after the session for mums who can stay. What do you provide?) We keep it as simple as possible and do it for the Toddlers and mums, that way they can go home all done and dusted (but that does mean that we eat early, about 11.45…). We do bread, cheese, ham, yogurt, fruit and crisps. We don’t make up the sandwiches, we literally just put our everything and let parents make them up. (brilliant I really like that. Thanks) A pleasure! Can’t believe I’d never done it before to be honest, creates such good, easy community, great chat moments, and parents are really grateful. Enjoy!

We have a varied kind of carb….breadsticks, rice cakes, malt loaf, crackers or brioche….then cut grapes, raisins, banana or bluberries. We have snack time, so all sit together. We offer a cuppa and biscuits( in a jar on the counter so not ever so visible to little ones) whenever any grown up wants one.                                                                                                                                           Plain biscuits/rice cakes at beginning, and after the worship session we serve nice cake – for everyone, but cut into small squares! A previous group did traybake cake for adults and mini cupcakes for children.                                                                                        We do cut-up fresh fruit, raisins and Pom bears for the children (it looks like party food in the little dishes) and plain biscuits for mums. If we get cake for special occasions we all get cake 🧁                                                                                                                         We provide toast with a variety of spreads and fruit
Toast usually unless its a party. Sometimes mums bring cake on birthdays
We have biscuits and grapes cut lengthwise. Sometimes people might bring cake
We have biscuits and toast, sometimes have cake if it’s a child’s birthday and parents bring cake.
We provide allergy friendly snacks as the leader of our group. Church Mice I have a multi allergy son so it needs to be safe for him so no outside food but weekly I provide fruit, puffs, wafers, raisins or biscuits. We will also accommodate any other dietary needs, if I couldn’t run it this way then it wouldn’t be safe and wouldn’t be possible. Here’s what we had today
We have biscuits usually as we have a large group. We had prawn crackers and plumb sauce for Chinese New year . Sometimes we celebrate a child’s birthday and parents bring fairly cakes as a special treat . We also have a few allergies to be aware of so we provide for them eg Glutton and dairy free biscuits 😊                                                                                                                  Individual dishes with little bits of sweet and savoury – Hula hoops, banana, small piece of cake. Went down very well today no waste. Tea, coffee and biscuits for the adults.                                                                                                                                             Nothing unhealthy for us, just 4/5 types of fruit cut up small and breadsticks.                                                                                          A selection of snacks including crisps/savoury various fruits and cake for all (more sophisticated cakes for adults but often they give it to children too)