National Month of Prayer

June is the National Month of Prayer for toddler groups

Toddler groups offer an amazing space for babies, toddlers and their parents and carers to play, experience a warm welcome and develop a supportive community. They come in all shapes and sizes and during the Pandemic, many have adapted in incredible ways to offer support in the local community. They are a place where the love of God can be experienced in so many ways and they are a place where life in all its fullness can be celebrated.

That’s why in June we put aside a whole month to focus on them in prayer. The National Month of Prayer (NMOP) is an initiative of 1277 Make Them Count. It encourages churches, individuals and toddler communities to pray 3 ways – in groups, for groups and across groups in the UK.

2021’s theme is based on John 10:10 – ‘Life in all its fullness’. Let’s pray for Toddler groups to be places where children and adults can flourish as they experience the love and hospitality of God.

10:10 Challenge 


The poster this year comprises of images from toddler groups across the UK – shared in response to a 24 hour long request on the 1277 Facebook group for a picture that represents ‘Life in all its fullness’ in your group. Each picture is from a toddler group and these are represented by the blue markers on this map.

This is a glimpse into the 100’s of groups that offer so much life to families …

In the 10:10 Challenge this year we want to see how many blue dots we can put on the map before June 30th 2021. We will count these in multiples of 10! It will create a picture of the spread of toddler groups. We are not collecting detailed information but are asking you to complete a short survey and tell us: the name of your group, the postcode where it meets and share a picture of an example of life in all its fullness in your group. No pictures of identifiable children or adults will be accepted or posters advertising your group. The aim of this challenge is to demonstrate ‘life in all its fullness’

10:10 Survey form

Follow the story 1277 National Month of Prayer Facebook group Feel free to share your ideas, prayer requests, stories etc

Other resources


Let’s get praying leaflet

Ideas of how to encourage prayer

1277 PowerPoint of prayers for Church-based Toddler Groups

A PowerPoint presentation containing information about 1277 and some short prayers for church-based toddler groups.

Prayer Marathon leaflet

If you would like to do this for your area e.g. county, diocese, city etc or your group please feel free to adapt this leaflet for your area. Add your own details, print copies off and encourage others to join you in prayer.

Prayer bookmarks – these are editable